Used Guitars for Sale in Phoenix, AZ

There is a long and everlasting relationship between pawn shops and musical guitars. This relationship is apparent in the number of top hits and whole albums recorded about them. Pawn shops have helped musicians start their careers and saved others the pain of failure by giving them a way out. If you are in Phoenix, AZ, Mo Money Pawn Shop can help you if you need it.

As a family-owned and operated business, we have been operating for over 35 years and know our customers well. We have a team of professionals knowledgeable in the music industry, particularly guitars, and are committed to helping you strike a good deal.

Should You Pawn Your Guitar?

Have you found yourself in a jam and need some quick cash? If you have a valuable guitar that you can use as collateral without losing ownership, Mo Money Pawn Shop can help you out.

Get in touch with us and get a quick loan using the guitar as collateral. We do not run credit checks, and we are cheaper than anywhere else you would go to get a quick loan. Better still, if things turn out differently than you expected and you fail to pay the loan back on time, we do not report it to the credit bureau.

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We Can Help You Sell Your Guitar

If you have a guitar that you believe would benefit someone else, bring it to us, and we will help you sell it at a great price. Letting a guitar you no longer play benefit someone else makes a lot of sense. In addition, the money you get from the sale will help you take care of other more pressing needs. We go the extra mile to get you easy and fast cash, so you do not have to wait weeks or months looking for a buyer.

If you know how pawn shops work, selling to a pawn shop is straightforward. As a local business, we are dedicated to helping our customers get a good deal and avoid endless inquiries from classifieds and lowball offers from other brokers.

Buy a Guitar from Us

Whether you are looking to buy a classic or a modern guitar to jumpstart your career or to play casually, our team can help you strike a deal at our shop or online.

If you already know what type of guitar you need, search our pawn shop page on Buya and our Ebay shop to see if we have what you need. Next, inquire and build a relationship with us. Building a relationship with your pawnbroker is a sure way to familiarize yourself with how pawning works and to understand the rules and requirements of buying from a pawnshop.

Proper research is critical to helping you get a good deal. Learn as much as possible about the guitar you want, and ask us any questions that may pop into your mind. Mo Money Pawn Shop adheres to the Truth in Lending and USA Patriot Acts, so you can be sure you are dealing with honest and reliable professionals.

Why Choose Mo Money Pawn Shop?

You want the most for your guitar. You probably invested a good amount in acquiring it and have some sentimental value attached to it.

Mo Money Pawn Shop has a team of professional appraisers who will offer you a fair price that factors in much more than just the monetary value, whether you want to pawn it for quick cash or sell. No matter what type of musical instrument you are considering pawning,, bring it to our shop, and you will walk away with money in hand within minutes.

Contact us online or give us a call at 602-279-4417.