Top Gold & Silver Buyer in Phoenix, AZ

Arizona's largest gold and silver buyer

Mo Money Pawn Shop strives to offer the highest price for your precious metals. This includes not only gold and silver but also platinum. We buy:


Silverware and flatware


Broken/Out of fashion jewelry

Dental gold

Coin Collection
Man being helped at jewelry counter, looking at necklace with employee

What Should I Look For in a Gold & Silver Buyer?

It would help if you asked a few questions before choosing someone to buy your gold or silver in Phoenix. You want to find out:

  • Does the gold and silver buyer have a good understanding of how the precious metal market works?
  • Does the buyer have a Pawn License in Arizona

Mo Money Pawn Shop is Phoenix's premier gold and silver seller and buyer. We pay top dollar for coins, silverware, jewelry, watches, even broken or out of date jewelry and dental gold.

Buying and Selling Gold & Silver Jewelry

If you have gold or silver jewelry you no longer wear, you can still sell it - or better yet, trade your old or broken jewelry in on something from our massive selection. This even includes broken and scrap jewelry: they are still valuable for their materials, and you can still make a profit with them. At Mo Money Pawn Shop, we have a variety of unique and valuable jewelry for sale, and we'll buy most gold and silver jewelry as well.

Stack of gold jewelry - rings, bracelets, necklaces

Things to Keep in Mind when Buying and Selling Gold & Silver

If you want to find a gold and silver buyer in Phoenix, it's important to find an expert in the field. That's where Mo Money Pawn Shop comes in: not only do we offer the highest price for gold, silver, and platinum, but we offer a large selection of items made of these precious metals as well. As a family-owned business, you're also boosting the local economy whenever you visit our store! Contact us if you have any questions about buying or selling gold and silver here.