Items We Sell & Pawn At Mo Money Pawn Shop

With nearly 35 years in business, Mo Money has established itself as the best pawn shop destination in Arizona


Through our sister company MMP Guns, LLC we have amassed the largest gun collections in Arizona. Not only do we sell preowned firearms, but a large portion of our inventory is factory new many with lifetime warranties. We also have a huge selection of optics, accessories and ammunition that are priced much lower than traditional gun stores and sporting goods big box stores.

What we Sell - Firearms - Entrance to gun showroom
Jewelry Counter with Rings and Necklaces


Over the course of our nearly 35 years in business we have accumulated an incredible jewelry selection. One of the reasons why is our incredibly diverse customer base, which provides us a jewelry selection that caters to everyone’s budget. Not only do we have beautiful preowned jewelry, but we have hugely discounted new jewelry too!


Mo Money Pawn can save you on that new television you’ve been looking for. We have everything from a 19” table top to a massive 82” to fill the living room all at a fraction of the big box stores.

power tools wall


Looking for a specific tool to finish that project? We have you covered to with a massive selection of both preowned and new tools. We offer both professional grade and commercial grade tools from all of the major manufacturers. We have everything from a single socket, to self-propelled lawn mowers.

Why Should You Visit Mo Money Pawn Shop?

Mo Money Pawn Shop has been buying and selling various types of jewelry for over 35 years. We have a large selection. We purchase high-end designer jewelry, estate jewelry, gold, firearms, silver, musical instruments, tools, and other high-value items. We also have the experience, knowledge, and cash to entice you to return. So, you can be assured that you are getting the maximum money for your jewelry in Phoenix.

Do you have jewelry to sell or need to pawn something for a reasonable price? The trustworthy professionals at Mo Money Pawn Shop in Phoenix welcome you to come and visit their shop.