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About Mo Money pawn Shop

With 35 years in business, Mo Money has established itself as the best pawn shop destination in Arizona and prides itself on offering unrivaled service and prices.


Mo Money Pawn Shop is a licensed firearms dealer in Phoenix, Arizona. Mo Money Pawn Shop can help you pawn a gun you already own or purchase a new one.


We'll buy gold chains, rings, all types of watches (functional or not), damaged or broken jewelry, dental gold, and estate jewelry.

Gold & Silver

As Arizona's largest gold and silver buyer, Mo Money Pawn Shop strives to offer the highest price for your precious metals. This includes not only gold and silver but also platinum.


Our expert appraisers offer fair pricing that respects the value of your electronic items, whether you intend to pawn them or sell them outright.

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We Offer Free Layaway

Down Payment
Just 25% down and a minimum payment of 25% every 30 days gets you exactly what you want without breaking the bank.

What's the Catch?
There is no catch.  No interest on layaway's and certainly no fees  like the other pawn shops.

Terms of service
Payments must be made on time and the amount must be a minimum of 25%. Any layaway's that are cancelled are subject to our 20% restocking fee.
Failure to make payments on time may result in loss of layaway and monies invested.

Reviews from our Customers

The guys there have been top notch every time I’ve gone in. I’ve purchased 3 guns from them and they are super informative. A few times I’ve had lowers sent to them that I’ve purchased online. They didn’t even charge me because I’m an Air Force Vet. I would recommend them to anyone. They have a excellent selection if your looking to purchase a firearm. I sent my mother in-law(We get along lol) there to get her AK47. She was happy with them as well.

- Jayson Bragg

July 2021

I'm not really a fan of Pawn Shops in general because the employees tend to be rude and not helpful. That's not the case with MMP. They are friendly and very helpful. I actually look forward to going there. I live about 35-40 minutes away from them but will always choose them above closer locations.
- Heidi Raygoza
April 2022

I'm truly stunned by the people at this place. My wife's father made a mistake on an eBay purchase, and we had a problem when we contacted the eBay guy which is ran separately than the store. However, after we got in contact with store boss, he blew us away. We had considered not even going to the shop, or not even contacting them to begin with to resolve it, but I'm so thankful we did. He showed us a kindness I can honestly say I rarely receive, an experience once in a blue moon. This is a one of kind man. I'm so used to dealing with belligerent people, and having non-stop confrontation to resolve matters. Not only did this guy make it right, he went WAY beyond making it right. This isn't just a good business, he's a good man. If you have business to do with a pawn shop, do it here. You won't regret it, and you'll have peace of mind that you're lifting up the right kind of people. I wish you guys all the prosperity and success in the world.

- Winston Smith
Feb. 2022

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1152 E Indian School Road, Phoenix, Arizona 85014, United States



Open Daily 10AM - 7PM

Express window is open from 8AM - 10PM and 7PM - 12AM




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