Jewelry Pawn Shop in Phoenix, AZ

Mo Money Pawn Shop is a family-owned and operated pawn shop in Phoenix, Arizona. Our knowledgeable pawn professionals are committed to treating our customers fairly and honestly.

We take pride in our enviable reputation, which has been earned by our dedication to buying and selling high-quality products by maintaining excellent client connections. Some of these bonds have gotten stronger over the last 35 years.

Woman Polishing Ring before Selling

Why Should I Bring My Jewelry to Your Shop for You to Buy?

Not only are gold prices at an all-time high, but so are all precious metals, diamonds, watches, and jewelry. This translates into more money for you!

Sell your jewelry items to our pawn shop in Phoenix if you have an old ring out of style that no longer fits you or an outdated watch you don’t want anymore. Our courteous staff will treat you with respect and appraise your piece of jewelry to its full potential. We're determined to provide you with the best price for your jewelry, so you'll never go anyplace else except our Phoenix jewelry buyer. We never run credit checks, and you'll have cash in your hands in minutes!

What Kind of Jewelry Do You Buy?

Our pawn shop in Phoenix will buy anything. We'll buy gold chains, rings, all types of watches (functional or not), damaged or broken jewelry, dental gold, and estate jewelry. We also buy pendants and brooches, diamonds, cufflinks, earrings, gold, firearms, silver, musical instruments, tools, and other high-value items. We'll buy your jewelry no matter what condition it's in! We assure you will not be dissatisfied if you sell your jewelry to our leading jewelry buyer in Phoenix.

We also provide

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Repair & Sizing

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Professional Cleaning

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Rhodium plating

What is the Process of Buying Jewelry?

Whether it's gold or silver jewelry, our purchasing process is the same, and it's a quick process that may bring you cash in minutes. The first step is to come and see us at Mo Money Pawn Shop in Phoenix. Our friendly associate will take your jewelry item and inspect it for a purity stamp.

It is usually a .925 stamp for silver, and it can be anywhere between 10 kt and 24 kt for gold, with the higher karats indicating higher purity. Not only will we use an X-ray devise, we'll conduct an acid test based on this stamp, which entails collecting gold or silver flakes (without causing any damage to the item) and determining its purity.

Luxury Watches in jewelry case

Last but not least, we'll use the item's gram weight to determine its value, as gold and silver jewelry are valued per gram (g).

We'll then present you with an offer based on all these factors. Once you show your state issued driver’s license or passport showing you’re over 18, we'll take a few signatures from you, collect the gold or silver jewelry, and then give you cash right away if you accept. It's that simple, and it can be completed in just ten minutes. Please don't put it off anymore; earn some money for your jewelry today.

Why Should You Visit Mo Money Pawn Shop?

Mo Money Pawn Shop has been buying and selling various types of jewelry for over 35 years. We have a large selection. We purchase high-end designer jewelry, estate jewelry, gold, firearms, silver, musical instruments, tools, and other high-value items. We also have the experience, knowledge, and cash to entice you to return. So, you can be assured that you are getting the maximum money for your jewelry in Phoenix.

Do you have jewelry to sell or need to pawn something for a reasonable price? The trustworthy professionals at Mo Money Pawn Shop in Phoenix welcome you to come and visit their shop.